7 Benefits of Sports Massage for Athletes

What is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a type of massage that helps reduce pain and discomfort caused by injuries and excessive physical activities. Aside from physical relaxation, this type of massage provides both physiological and psychological benefits.

The sports massage was originally designed to help athletes recover from sports injuries. Today, both athletes and non-athletes can enjoy the wonderful benefits of a sports massage.

7 Benefits of a Sports Massage for Athletes

Were you injured during your last game?

Or are you stressed from your jam-packed schedule between school, games and training?

A sports massage can help you relax and alleviate both physical and psychological stress. This type of massage can help athletes maintain their bodies when training hard and competing in sports.

An athlete who gets a regular sports massage tends to be more flexible and active. Here are 7 benefits of a sports massage for athletes:

#1 Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Many athletes suffer from mild to chronic pain. When an athlete is in pain, it may have an adverse effect on his performance. This is because the pain gets in the way of his or her body functionality.

A study showed that the application of massage promotes the production of mitochondria. Mitochondria is an energy cell that helps in the reparation of muscles and the suppression of pain. Thus, reducing pain, discomfort and inflammation.

#2 Boosts Recovery from an Injury

A sports injury is inevitable. Although athletes expect injuries to occur, the pain and agony of recovery may be unbearable.

A 60-minute sports massage promotes a positive effect when taken 2 hours after an injury or extensive training. A study showed that a massage can decrease delayed-onset muscle soreness. This technique helps muscle and joint injuries to heal and recover faster.

#3 Promotes Blood Circulation

One of the many benefits of a sports massage is the increased and maintained blood circulation in the body. A study showed that massage therapy can improve general blood flow while alleviating muscle soreness. Getting a massage provides improved vascular function after a game or any strenuous physical activities.

#4 Increases Mobility and Flexibility

Getting a sports massage one or two days before a game or competition promotes mobility and flexibility by increasing the blood flow to the muscle tissues and the fascia. With increased mobility and flexibility, athletes can also improve their performance.

#5 Alleviates Psychological Tension

Sports massage helps the body release neurotransmitters known as endorphins. Endorphins are released from the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus which acts as the body’s natural pain reliever

Endorphins released to the body does not just help reduce pain, but also alleviates anxiety, improves mood and enhances an athlete’s wellbeing.

#6 Improves Sleep

A sports massage helps reduce tension, induce relaxation, and enable athletes to get better quality sleep. Getting enough and proper sleep is incredibly important for athletes because it promotes faster recovery time for injuries incurred. This also helps boost better performance.

#7 Provides Optimum Relaxation

A sports massage helps the muscle system to improve functionality before, during and after a game or a physical activity. The therapeutic system of a massage helps stimulate and tone your body and mind. Thus providing optimum relaxation while creating a feeling of wholeness physically, mentally and emotionally.

These are just 7 awesome benefits that athletes can enjoy when getting a sports massage. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, almost 41% of adults sought the therapeutic attributes of a massage to help relieve themselves of pain caused by extensive physical activities.

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