Debunking the Popular Massage Myths

Common Massage Myths and the Truth About Them

A massage provides tons of health benefits. People seek massage therapy to find relief for their aching body, to get the relaxation that they need after a hard day’s work and to release the tension in their muscles. 

However, with all the claimed benefits and advantages that massage therapies provide, it is getting hard to find out which one is true. Massage therapy is getting more popular and many people continue to enjoy the benefits that it provides, understanding the myths and truths about the massage is very important.

Some myths about massage therapy can be hard to let go because they sound very appealing and believable. Day Break Massage & Wellness of Charlotte, NC is here to debunk the popular massage myths and help you find out if a massage fits your needs. 

#1 All Massages are the Same

Many people believe that all massages are the same and that they provide the same benefits. Some claim that massage techniques are just variations of the original concept of the massage and that these massage treatments do not provide a difference over the other.

However, not all massage therapies are the same. Massages from spas are used to promote relaxation, provide relief from stress and fatigue, boost recovery of muscle soreness and usually involve the whole body. 

Sports massages aim to help athletes keep their bodies in top condition. On the other hand, getting a massage for physical therapy helps people to heal and recover from injury and aid them with their mobility issues.

#2 Pregnant Women Should Not Get a Massage

There is a common misconception that pregnant women should not get a massage. The myths surrounding this claim suggest that massages help induce labor. But, the truth is that there are no points in the body that will induce labor when massaged or touched.

In fact, it is perfectly safe for a woman to get a massage during pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapy eases pregnancy-related pain and it is safe during all trimesters of pregnancy. Prenatal massage also provides relaxation and comfort to mothers and babies alike.

#3 Massage Only Provides Relaxation

When you hear the word “massage,” all you can think about is lying face down in a humid room with a therapist kneading your pain points and aching muscles, right? This is actually a common misconception about the massage. People think that a massage provides relaxation and that the main purpose of massage therapy is to help your tired body loosen up. 

But, massage therapies are more than that. There are certain massage techniques and types that provide therapeutic benefits. Massage therapies are not just luxuries anymore but these are becoming necessities nowadays especially for people who are dealing with certain medical conditions.

For example, the swedish massage improves blood circulation and helps with depression, fatigue and stress. The deep tissue massage, on the other hand, breaks down scar tissues and provides relief from ailments like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, posture problems and Osteoarthritis. The hot stone massage works by helping you get a good night’s sleep.

#4 Your Medical History is Not Needed

In connection with Myth #3, people who seek relief from massage therapies think that they do not need to disclose their medical history because for them, massage therapies are only for recreation. 

Getting a massage isn’t only to pamper yourself, and massages are not just rubbing tight muscles to release tension and pain. Massage therapies address various medical conditions and it is necessary to disclose your medical history to the therapists so they can customize the therapy according to your needs and history.

You can also disclose to your therapist the medications that you are taking and the accidents and injuries that you had in the past. Massage therapies can work even on the cellular level and it is important that the therapist know your medications so he or she will not interfere with it. Your therapist can also suggest massages that will help you recover from any injuries that you might have sustained from past or recent accidents.

#5 Massage Therapies Release Toxins

While massages can provide tons of benefits, sadly, detoxification is not included on the list. This is misleading information that some therapists use to promote massage treatments. However, the concept that massages release toxins is simply not true.

Therapists should educate their patients about the proper way of detoxification and this can be done through sweating, exercise and other beneficial activities.

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