How Can Massage Therapy Help People with Autoimmune Diseases?

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for People with Autoimmune Diseases

Our body’s immune system acts as our protection against bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. When the body detects foreign invaders inside, it will send cells that will attack these invaders and protect the body.

However, the body can also turn itself against its own. When this happens, the body will mistake other parts of it as foreign invaders and will send fighter cells to attack its own body tissues. This is what autoimmune diseases do to the body.

Some common examples of autoimmune diseases are polymyositis, Type 1 diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, pulmonary fibrosis and others. There are some autoimmune diseases that target single body parts, and there are also others that target multiple organs or even the whole body.

While there are standard medications and treatments for autoimmune diseases, massage therapy cab also being utilized to bring relief to patients with autoimmune diseases and aid in the effectiveness of medications.

Pain – A Prevalent Symptom of Autoimmune Diseases

Pain is a very common symptom of autoimmune diseases. People who have autoimmune diseases suffer from acute or chronic pain, and the severity differs from person-to-person and depending on the condition. 

In autoimmune diseases, chronic pain can be very hard to treat. Even the strongest pain medication can have little effect when it comes to managing chronic pain. That is why patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases are left looking for other options to manage the pain. 

Massage therapy is an increasingly popular option for people who want to get relief from pain. Research shows that patients with autoimmune diseases who seek the help of massage therapy found a reduction in pain, stress, anxiety and depression. But, not every massage treatment can be beneficial for pain management. You have to consult your massage therapist and doctor so they can give you advice on which kind of massage therapy can work for your condition. Here are some of the massage options that you will help you alleviate the pain that you are feeling.

Best Massages for Autoimmune Diseases

Muscle-Focused Massage

Muscle-focused massages are considered traditional massage treatments, and these include Swedish massage and the likes. While the main purpose of a muscle-focused massage is to provide relaxation to the patient, these are also being used to alleviate the pain caused by autoimmune diseases.

A muscle-focused massage relaxes tension through kneading the muscles using long gliding strokes. Aside from this, other kinds of muscle-focused treatments such as a trigger point massage focus on certain spots on the body, or trigger points, to release the tension throughout different pain zones in the body.

On the other hand, therapists use their elbows and forearms for deep tissue massage treatments. These kinds of massage treatments apply more pressure to the muscles for increased relaxation

Aside from that, a hot stone massage is a type of spa massage that provides pain relief through heat therapy. 

Fascia-Focused Massage

Fascia-focused massage therapy aims to fix the imbalance on the fascia, a web of tissues that connect every part of our body. An example of a fascia-focused massage is the Myofascial release technique which focuses on releasing fascial pulls to restore balance in the body

Aside from that, there is also the rolfing which is a type of deep pressure technique. This massage is designed to realign the posture and help patients with spine-related autoimmune diseases.

Lymph-Focused Massage

Our lymphatic system detoxifies our body so it can function well. However, there are people with autoimmune diseases whose bodies find it hard to detoxify themselves because their lymphatic system’s detoxification abilities have been impaired

A lymph drainage treatment can be helpful to keep the lymphatic fluid in the vessels pumping. The main difference between lymph-focused massage therapies other types of massages is that lymph-focused massages can be light compared to deep tissue massage or Swedish massage. 

You might think that the massage is not effective, but it is actually more potent when the touch is light. This brings a relaxing and tension-releasing effect while boosting the body’s detoxification abilities.

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