Are you having stress? Are you experiencing pain in your body?

Getting a massage on a regularly basis has been widely known to give a calming effect to both the mind and the body.

If you are planning to get a massage soon and are in the Charlotte area, try a deep tissue massage with Day Break Massage & Wellness.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is a type of massage that gently presses the deeper layers of muscles in your body. This helps release the toxins that have built up overtime.

It also removes lactic acid that accumulates on your muscles, tendons or ligaments that feels inflamed or tensed. It concentrates on re-aligning the layers deep inside the muscles with their connective tissue.

If you are suffering from lower/upper back pain, a stiff neck, chronic aches or tight calves, a deep tissue massage can be a great solution for you.

Is a Deep Tissue Massage Good for You?

A deep tissue massage is recommended as an alternative way to treat other forms of ailments.

The pressure and firm strokes a patient receives during their deep tissue massage can reduce stress hormones while increasing the heart rate. This will improve your overall health overtime.

Why Day Break Massage is The Best Place for a Deep Tissue Massage in Charlotte, NC

For a great and effective deep tissue massage make an appointment with us at Day Break Massage Charlotte, we are conveniently located in the heart of Dilworth and Uptown.

Our massage therapists are highly qualified, certified nationally, and extensively trained in Deep Tissue treatments. You will be treated with the upmost care to meet your needs while having advised treatment to enable you to enjoy the full benefits of our massage services.

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

1. Relieves Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pains, a deep tissue massage is an effective pain reliever.

It is a more affordable method to manage pain than any other medical remedies used worldwide.

A deep tissue massage results in increased blood flow in the body, which in turn reduces the inflammation that causes pain.

2. Stress and Tension Reliever

A deep tissue massage reduces muscle tension and loosens the tight tissue clusters. This massage therapy relieves high stress levels which ultimately has a positive effect on your blood pressure.

This type of massage also helps your body’s ability to produce a hormone that is responsible for feeling good or happy which is known as serotonin.

3. Breaks Down Scar Tissue

A deep tissue massage also helps in breaking down scar tissue caused by previous injures. We use several products to protect the muscle tissue from any further damage.

Other benefits include:

  • Improves limited mobility
  • It improves blood pressure
  • Aids in postural ailments
  • Relieves muscle tension in the legs, upper/ lower back and others
  • It is a relief for Osteoarthritis pain
  • Helps patients with repetitive strain injuries such as, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

What are the different types of massage techniques used?

A. Muscle Prep

This is the initial stage of a deep tissue massage where the therapist applies light pressure to your body mostly to warm up or prep the muscles.

This is because for the therapist to reach the deeper musculature, the muscles must be relaxed.

B. Stripping

This massage technique involves reaching for the deeper layers of your muscles and connective tissues while using body oil with muscle-relaxant properties.

The massage therapist glides pressure on the muscles using their thumbs, knuckles, forearm or the elbow to stretch and knead to the tough muscle tissue.

C. Friction

This technique mainly focuses on chronic muscle tension where by pressure is applied to realign tissues fibers and release adhesions.

These adhesions cause inflammation/pain, block circulation of blood and limits movement.


At Day Break Massage, we have several deep tissue massage options. We have 60, 90, 120 minute treatment times, depending on the client’s needs.

Our aim is focused on relieving the fascia in your body and chronic muscle tensions by working on the deeper muscle tissue layers.

You can book an appointment with us for a deep tissue massage in Charlotte, NC by email or calling 704-333-7722.

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