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Too tired? Are you stressed out? Get a massage!

Some people wake up exhausted and they still think it’s normal. Sadly, this has become the modern-day attitude towards relaxation. The top culprit behind the new normal is this generation’s glorification of busyness. They treat chronic stress like badges of honor.

The good news is: it is possible to outsmart relentless fatigue and exhaustion through a massage. As with most health conditions, prevention is better than a cure. So, watch out for these sneaky energy suckers and deal with fatigue once and for all.

Massage provides many health benefits. Among the various types of massages, Swedish massage is the most common but considered to be the best type. If you are planning to get a Swedish massage in Charlotte, try Day Break Massage & Wellness.

Why Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is known as the basic of all types of massage including deep tissue massage and sports massage. It is based on the Western theory of physiology and anatomy compared to the energy-related massage that is widely used in Asian-style massage.

For first timers or if you do not regularly get a massage, experts recommend a Swedish massage. It uses flexible strokes that can go from firm yet gentle and slow strokes to bracing and vigorous movements. This promotes pure relaxation and relief from stress.

If you can endure more pressure and would want deeper work to eliminate persistent muscle pain, it is more suitable to go for a deep tissue massage.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage provides various health benefits including:

1. Stress Reliever

A Swedish massage is considered an important part of stress relief. This is particularly applicable for relaxation of the entire body. 

Stress can cause muscle soreness, but a Swedish massage can relax the muscles and reduces pain. It is best to book a Swedish massage with Day Break Massage & Wellness today.

A Swedish massage uses strokes that promotes better blood circulation, reduces pressure and discomfort in the body.

2. Improved Blood Circulation

As mentioned, a Swedish massage promotes better blood circulation and increased blood flow. With improved blood circulation, your level of oxygen will also increase.

Other benefits include:

  • Eliminates stress, fatigue, and depression
  • Improves immune system
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Can aid in treating neuromuscular disorders

Why Day Break Massage & Wellness is the best Massage Place for a Swedish Massage in Charlotte, NC

For an effective and relaxing Swedish massage, book an appointment at Day Break Massage in Charlotte. We offer superior massage service and excellent customer service, so you can enjoy your time relaxing and getting rid of all the toxins and stress in your body.

We have highly qualified massage therapists that are trained and certified at giving a Swedish massage.

At Day Break Massage, we provide utmost care and treatment that will surely meet your expectations. Our massage treatments provide pain and stress relief to everyone.

Day Break Massage offers 60, 90, and 120 treatment times. Choose whatever is most convenient for you.

Book an appointment today or call 704-333-7722 and experience the ultimate comfort you deserve. Day Break Massage is conveniently located in the heart of Dilworth and Uptown.


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