Healing Power of a Massage

A Touch that Heals

A massage is the act of treating the body by tapping, kneading and rubbing the muscles and joints with the hand or any massage instrument to relieve it from muscle stress, tension, stiffness, joint pains and headache. It also promotes blood and oxygen circulation, and muscle suppleness and relaxation. 
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Having a long day at work?  

Feeling stress and tension in your upper arms and lower lumbar?

Worry no more!  Try massage therapy!  

Massage therapy is a hands-on technique that aids in tension relief, stress reduction and muscle relaxation.  Massage therapy is said to be the healing power of touch.

Scientifically, it improves the function of the lymphatic system. It promotes good blood circulation of the body, it eases body aches and restores energy.

Not only does massage therapy give relaxation to the body, it also helps heal common health conditions and rehabilitate injuries and overall wellness.

In this day and age, a massage is considered as a mainstream therapy or treatment option.

Why Get a Massage?

The art of massage was practiced by the Greeks and Romans.  And in ancient China, a massage has always been considered an art of healing the body.  Over the years, the use of massage proved to have a lot of benefits.

Getting a massage can provide the following benefits from a healing touch:

1.  Treats lower back pains and relieves headache

Studies show that a massage is more effective than painkillers in relieving the body and head from any ache and pain.

2.  Reduces arthritis and other joint pains  hot stone massage charlotte nc

When a person’s hand is suffering from arthritis, joint pains and other nerve conditions, it is best to get a massage.

A hot stone massage can help reduce pain and reduce symptoms of pain and stiffness.

3.  Helps stabilize blood pressure and blood circulation

High blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart failure and other ailments, but a 60-minute massage weekly can lower the risk of high blood-related ailments.

4.  Lowers chances of depression, fatigue and anxiety

Depression, fatigue and anxiety are conditions that affect how a person feels and think.

Getting a deep tissue massage can increase serotonin and dopamine and lightens the mood of a person, hence, it is more likely for a person to feel relaxed and happier.

5.  Helps regulate hormones, improves mood swings and promotes relaxation

When our body is stressed it produces cortisol, and a massage is known to lower cortisol levels.

6.  Raises immunity and improves overall well-being

When a person is full of stress, he or she is susceptible to illness and a weak body.

Getting a massage helps lower stress and increases the cytotoxic capacity of the immune system, thus, promoting good health and wellness.

7.  Improves athletic performance and prevents sports injuries

Massage improves the flexibility of muscles and joints, hence, helping athletes perform better.

8.  It can help improve posture

Chronic back pains are caused by bad posture.

Getting a massage can help align the spine of a person.

A massage can help promote good health and wellness.  Make massage a regular part of your well-being.

Where to Get the Best Massage

Regular massage sessions provide many benefits to the human body. Getting a massage is the best way to soothe muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons.  It is also a great stress reliever.

Want to feel rejuvenated?why get a massage

Enjoy the best therapeutic massage in Charlotte, NC.  A long day at work deserves comfort and relaxation. To experience the best massage, get one with a highly-trained, experienced and licensed massage therapists. 

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