Since we opened Day Break’s doors in April 2008 we have strived to offer our clients the opportunity to escape life’s daily stresses and to address what only they can address – their health. We are not a clinic or a discount franchise. We are a massage center that allows our clients to affordably receive the best therapeutic massage available in a setting that offers comfort and relaxation.

Unlike many other massage places, we never ask our clients to sign a contract or membership. Our massage therapists are hand pick and are highly trained so that we can ensure that our clients are getting the best and most affordable treatments possible. We are committed to offering superior massage and skin care services with caring, kind, outstanding customer service.

We are located in the heart of Dilworth in a beautiful facility that is well appointed with a relaxing energy that sooths the mind and body. It is a special place for our clients to un-wind, breath and enjoy one of life’s most important wellness and healing rituals…Massage Therapy.

Understanding that our clients needs always come first, Day Break has grown from a two room office to a large multi use facility centrally located very close to uptowns businesses and hotels. We are just a 30 minute walk or a 7 minute drive from anywhere uptown and just 12 minutes away from the South Park area.

Day Break Massage is one of the largest massage centers in Charlotte that is owned by a Massage Therapist and not just businessmen. As a matter of fact the owner enrolled in massage school so that he could understand the clients and therapist needs more clearly. It has created a better, well rounded environment for both our clients and therapists.

We have put in place the latest technology available, so that our Clients can book their appointments 24/7 using our online booking system via Tablet, Laptop, PC, or Smartphone. As well as a private line for our VIP clients.

Your treatment goals are important to us. Therefore every massage session is unique to the client. We also know you want a full 60-minute session when you book for an hour, and not the 45 minutes you find elsewhere. To benefit you greater, if necessary we will take additional time to demonstrate stretches that can further aid you in reducing your risks of injuries, your aches and pains, and also your postural issues. Why rush a massage session? We want you to be able to feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you leave our center.

The goal of Day Break is to attain optimum results and positive outcomes in a professional, relaxing atmosphere. At Day Break, our focus is on providing the best possible massage experience for the client, not the number of massages performed. We’re going to take the time to talk to you. We will always have a conversation, at every appointment, to inventory your concerns and discuss how to tailor that day’s service to best meet your goals and/or your body’s needs.

At Day Break, we require therapists hold an associate’s degree, and/or a minimum of two years of licensed massage therapy experience. We value vigorous qualifications and believe demonstrated excellence among our therapists is the only way to properly care for our clients. We believe listening, sensitivity and relationships underscore quality, effective therapy and experience.

At Day Break, you are not just a service booked in a time slot but a valued individual with concerns we take seriously. We are serious about your needs, your privacy, your total holistic experience. We emphasize continuing education for all our therapists, and we are always improving our skills and honing our efforts, because we want you to feel confident we are your most effective massage therapy services provider.

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    Day Break offers clients the opportunity to escape daily stress and to address what only they can address – their health.

    Day Break Massage is not a clinic. We are not a destination or day spa. We are not a discount franchise.

    We are the BEST massage place in Charlotte (near Uptown) that allows our clients to affordably receive the best therapeutic massage available in a setting that offers comfort and relaxation.

    Licensed massage therapists work on our client's needs individually, understanding each client’s lifestyle, health regimen, and overall well-being. We believe in individualized experiences, respect, communication, and building relationships with clients and community partners.

    Relax. Energize. Rejuvenate. Understand the benefits you can get from a relaxing massage in Charlotte, NC.

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