Day Break values community and believes it’s important to develop partnerships that enhance client health, community education, and promote health and wellness ideals. We seek out corporations, organizations or groups that are like minded and understand the importance and benefits of Massage Therapy.

Alternative and traditional medicine working together for a faster, safer and less evasive approach is being recognized more and more as an effect way to treat many of our ailments. Education is the key and we want to be on the forefront in helping to bring this education to our communities.

Charlotte is busting at the seams with new transplants moving into the city every day. They live a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and alternative treatments like massage. They recognize the benefits of a variety of treatments both in their personal as well as their business lives. Many new businesses offer massage to their workforce through onsite massage as well as insurance.

We have partnered with several businesses and events in Charlotte and surrounding areas, Aids foundations, Susan G Komen foundation, Ronald McDonald house, Carolinas Medical Center, Med Rank Interactive , RAIN, inc, Parvin’s Spa, Human Rights Campaign, just to name a few. We feel it is our civic duty to support and participate in local and national causes in order to facilitate change.

Our partners include:


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    Day Break offers clients the opportunity to escape daily stress and to address what only they can address – their health.

    Day Break Massage is not a clinic. We are not a destination or day spa. We are not a discount franchise.

    We are the BEST massage place in Charlotte (near Uptown) that allows our clients to affordably receive the best therapeutic massage available in a setting that offers comfort and relaxation.

    Licensed massage therapists work on our client's needs individually, understanding each client’s lifestyle, health regimen, and overall well-being. We believe in individualized experiences, respect, communication, and building relationships with clients and community partners.

    Relax. Energize. Rejuvenate. Understand the benefits you can get from a relaxing massage in Charlotte, NC.

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