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You get a massage for numerous reasons and for its multiple health benefits. Either to destress, alleviate body and joint pains, regular therapy or as simple as to relax and reenergize after a tiring day

What makes a massage a really good experience? Sure the end results matter the most but there are other factors that make a massage more relaxing and worthy. 

From the many health benefits that a massage can give you, what should you really expect from a massage session? In this article, we help you set your expectations.


Your visit to get a massage treatment is of course with a purpose. It may be physical pain or a stress-induced health concern that you want the therapist to focus on. An aching body part, a weakened immune system, a depressed or stressed mind can be your reason and you think a massage can greatly help.

True enough, a massage can help address all of those reasons and many more. But how can a massage session efficiently address your concerns? 

Before the Massage

You will be asked by your therapist what concerns you have with your health. The therapist will assess the insights that you provide and make a massage recommendation.

The information you provide will be helpful for the massage therapist to perform a proper massage treatment. The type of massage, pressure, session structure will be recommended to address your concerns.

The Massage Environment

A massage practice should have a relaxing and healing environment. Aside from the actual massage, the setting and ambiance play a huge role to achieve the peace and serenity you’re eyeing. Here’s what you can expect at Day Break Massage.

Privacy and Ambiance

Certainly, privacy is necessary for a massage. A session is only between you and the therapist.

Therapy Room

As you enter the therapy room, you’ll be asked to undress to your level of comfort

Linen or towel is provided as you lie on the massage bed to cover your body. During the massage, a body part will only be exposed when it is being treated.

Massage Table

The massage table will be comfortable with enough padding and cushion. A face cradle will be provided to allow you to lie face down without stressing your head and neck. You can request to have your massage table heated for added comfort.


To add to your privacy, minimal mood light is provided. You can request to add or dim the lights or have no light at all.


Aromatic oils, scents and candles are generally used in massage practices as they set the mood and are therapeutic to smell. Some use special oils to massage the body.


There’s instrumental style mood music, too, to add to the ambiance. You can ask the therapist to minimize or stop the music if you find it distracting.


Some massage practices offer foot cleansing or a foot detox before the massage. Some offer tea at the beginning (or at the end) of the massage. These all add up to the overall service a massage practice provides. At Day Break Massage, we offer a glass of wine before the massage.

Therapy proper

Tell your therapist beforehand if you have any sensitive or allergic reactions to certain oils.

You will also be asked about the pressure to be applied. You will be able to choose from soft, moderate or hard pressure. It is always your personal and circumstantial preference. Tell your therapist about the pressure you want and you can request to add or lessen the pressure as the massage goes on.

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This depends on the recommendation given by the therapist to work best on your condition and goals or to your liking. Massage practices offer a wide range of massage techniques. 

The most common is the Swedish massage. There’s also reflexology, deep-tissue massage and those using tools like hot stone and ventosa. More specialized ones are sports massage, prenatal massage and neuromuscular therapy.


The process of the massage depends on the treatment chosen. But basically, during a massage, the therapist’s hands will glide through your body parts and will apply pressure to relax specific areas and relieve muscle tension.

Tell your therapist if you’re not comfortable with the pressure or you feel any discomfort. This should help the therapist to make proper adjustments during your massage. Remember, a massage is most efficient when you are relaxed and not in pain with the pressure being applied.

Hot stones are specialized tools that are used to do the therapy. Hot stones induce heat to the body to alleviate pain and remove muscle tension. Tell your therapist about your level of comfort with the temperature with this type of treatment.

Options for massage therapy can be whole body or focused on specific areas, depending on your needs. During the massage, you can tell your therapist which part you want to focus on.

Normally, massages run from 30 minutes to 2 hours at most.

After therapy and follow-up

Some offer a hot towel to remove the grease from your body and/or a tea or water drink to relax and rehydrate. 

The therapist will leave the room so you can put your clothes back on. You can stay for a few more minutes to further rest and get your senses back (because you most likely will have fallen asleep during your session).

A good massage therapist will discuss with you after the session the findings they have and their recommendations for the next massage. They’ll tell you how often you should get a massage depending on your situation and goals. They’ll also offer advice on after-care or body stretches you can do for your wellness.

The items discussed above should specify what to expect in a massage session. It may differ from one massage practice to another, but there are common elements that are always present. 

A good massage practice offers the best, most relaxing and therapeutic treatments to patients. A good therapist offers an experience rather than just a service.

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Listed above are ideal expectations of a massage experience. With Day Break Massage & Wellness in Charlotte, you expect the best massage experience. Your treatment goals are very important to us. We offer a unique and personalized massage experience to address your needs. Day Break aims to attain optimum results and positive outcomes for you in a professional and relaxing atmosphere. Our therapists are skilled and licensed.

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