The Science Behind a Head Massage

The Science Behind a Head Massage

Getting a massage is one of the most common ways of reducing stress. A massage is a process of kneading soft body tissues while removing knots and tension that you may be experiencing. This is to give relief and sometimes alleviate pain and discomfort from the body.

The ultimate goal of massage therapy is to improve a person’s wellbeing. Our massage therapists aim to target the cause of your anxiety or stress. It may be due to a headache, neck pain, shoulder stiffness, back and pelvic discomfort, or leg numbing.

They say that massage is the healing power of touch. The human body comprises stimuli that respond to touch. In fact, even when babies are still in the womb, they already respond to touch. A simple touch can calm a person and even a baby. Hence, getting a massage can truly invigorate the body. It can also boost your overall health.

What does this have to do with a head massage?

A head massage is probably the most rejuvenating and relaxing massage you can get. It helps stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath your scalp. It also calms muscle tension around the head.

Relatively, small muscles around the head also respond to touch. Remember that this is the part of the body which is closest to the brain. The brain receives all responses to stimuli which will then process the sensation. The sensation, in turn, is sent back to the different parts of the body.

Everyday work can be very stressful. One way to combat stress is to get a good head massage.

Getting a head massage helps relieve pain by reducing the tension in the neck. When the neck is free from tension, a headache may be reduced if not eliminated. The brain then sends this sensation to the whole body. This will then release the stress that the body is experiencing.

Daybreak Massage & Wellness can help you release that stress and invigorate your body. We provide relaxing and refreshing massages. We offer our clients the opportunity to escape daily stress and receive the rejuvenation they deserve.

The Benefits of a Head Massage

A massage provides physical and mental benefits to the body. As the body gets relief from pain or discomfort, the mental faculty is relieved from stress and anxiety.

Mental stress highly affects the body, and conversely, body aches and pains can cause mental strain. In the same light, a good head massage can rejuvenate physical health and a good body massage can also refresh mental health.

Here are some benefits that you can get from a head massage:

1. It helps improve memory.

A head massage is usually given to the small muscles surrounding the head. These muscles have sensory nerves that send signals to the brain. This stimulates the brain to function better. Thus, improving attention span, memory, and the cognitive aspect.

2. It boosts health recovery.

When we receive a good head massage, both the mental and physical faculties are relieved from stress. Hence, an injured person may heal faster when regularly getting a head massage.

3. It enhances hair growth.

Just like the skin the scalp has nerve endings that react to stimuli. The increased blood flow through the nerves caused by a massage can strengthen hair follicles. When hair follicles are strengthened, it can help prevent hair loss and at times help increase hair thickness.

A head massage is beneficial to the human body. This includes massaging the head, forehead, ears, nape, and chin. It also extends to the neck, shoulder upper back, arms, and hands.

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