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The Things That You Need to Know for Your First Massage

A massage has significant benefits. Some people take advantage of the benefits of a massage for relaxation while some choose different massage techniques to help them heal or recover from injuries and other conditions.

Massage therapies were once considered as an alternative therapeutic approach, but now it is gaining popularity and is increasingly becoming a mainstream treatment option. If this is your first time receiving a massage treatment, there are some preparations that you need to do so you can get the most out of your massage

Aside from that, you also need to know some important information about massage treatments so that you can set your expectations on how massage can help you with your needs.

Discuss with Your Therapist

Of course, the most reliable source of information about your massage comes from your massage therapist. Like any other kind of treatment, you should discuss with your therapist certain things before you get your first massage

One of the most important things that you need to discuss with your therapist is your treatment goals. You should tell your therapist the goals that you hope to achieve so he or she can tell you the best massage options that you can choose from.

Another thing that you would want to discuss with your therapist is your medical history. A massage is more than just rubbing your body to ease fatigue and tiredness. It is a treatment that helps your body to heal naturally. 

Massage treatments address various conditions such as sleep disorders, body pains, injuries, depression and other disorders. Because a massage can restore your overall well-being, it is important that you disclose your medical history with your therapist so that he or she can provide a personalized massage experience.

Aside from your medical history, you should also disclose to your therapist any kind of injury that you may have. A massage helps your muscles to rehabilitate and recover so it is just necessary to communicate with your therapist your past and present injuries so he or she can avoid aggravating the affected area.

Preparing Your Muscles

After you have discussed with your therapist the best course of action to take for your first massage session, you need to know how to prepare for a massage appropriately. The first thing that you should always remember when getting a massage is to hydrate properly

Massages work by breaking up the knots in your muscles to reduce the pain that you are feeling and keep you relaxed. Drinking water before your appointment will soften your skin and make your muscles more receptive to the massage.

Before your first massage appointment, you can also take a long, warm shower to ease up your muscles and calm your mind and body

If you have a workout schedule, it is better to do it before your massage. While doing this might make your muscles tired, exercises such as lifting weights will also make the muscles primed up and ready for the massage session. It is also not advisable to work out right after a massage because you can strain and stress your muscles that were just relaxed.

It is also perfectly normal for your therapist to ask you to remove your clothes during your massage session. Some pain points can be concealed by your clothes and to target those muscles properly, your therapist might ask you to undress.

Mild Discomfort is Common

During and after your massage, you might feel mild discomfort or pain. Remember that massage techniques work your muscles so you might feel some kind of discomfort especially when there could be knot build-ups in your muscles.

If you are experiencing pain that is outside of your comfort range, you should communicate with your therapist so he or she can adjust the pressure in your muscles.

The Day After the Massage

On the day after your massage, you might feel some soreness and pain on your body. Now, before you call your therapist blaming him or her for the soreness that you are feeling post-massage, you should know that this is normal. Your muscles are stretched and manipulated during the massage session so you should expect some tenderness and mild discomfort on the massaged area

One way of avoiding soreness after a massage is to hydrate yourself before and after the session. Drinking water will make your muscles hydrated and aids in avoiding soreness. You can also do some gentle stretching on the spots that got the most attention during the massage.

Day Break Massage & Wellness is Your Guide

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